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Uutiset, 9.12.2013

Applications for (re)accreditation of tourist agencies


The Nordic Embassies - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden - in Ukraine will from 15.12.2013 start receiving applications from travel agencies applying for (re)accreditation at the Nordic Embassies for the year 2014. 

Applications must be submitted by 31.01.2014  to the Embassy of the country to which the agency sends the most tourists.


Please note: 

  • All current accreditations expire 28th February 2014. New accreditations will be valid form 1 March 2014 for one year.
  • Only one application is needed to be accredited with all four Nordic Embassies provided your company has partner agencies in all four countries.
  • The accreditation considerations will take place in January and February 2014.
  • The last possible date to apply is 31.01.2014.

For travel agencies accredited in 2013 applying for re-accreditation:

  • Application form (Information to be filled in English. All questions must be answered.)
  • Travel agencies that were accredited for the year 2013 and who sent tourists to one or more of the Nordic countries need only present documentation of any relevant changes compared to last year. For example:
  • Documentation of any new partner agencies in the Nordic countries
  • Changes in accountable staff
  • Documentation of renewed registration with Ukrainian authorities, if previous registration was for a limited period
  • Other relevant documents

List of supporting documents to be enclosed for new companies without previous accreditation:

  • Application form (Information to be filled in English. All questions must be answered.)
  •  Legal status of the agency (name(s) and surname(s) of the owner(s)/stockholder(s) should be clearly stated)
  • Commercial certificate issued by the relevant Ukrainian authorities, which states that the subject has been legally constituted under Ukrainian Law
  • Registration certificate issued by the Ukrainian Tax Administration
  • Existing and valid contracts and agreements with commercial partners based in Ukraine or in the territories of the Nordic states. These contracts should be  for the current fiscal year and should also include corporate agreements between agencies, such as the obligation of the agency based in the Nordic States to organize transfers from hotel to airport and vice versa.
  • Standard form sent by the travel agency with names of persons authorized by the agency to sign and apply for visas at the Embassies. This form should be stamped with the seal of the agency, which should include its identification code.
  • Please note that for agencies unknown to the Embassies an interview may be conducted in connection with the application for accreditation.

The telephone hours at the Nordic  visa sections are the following: 


Phone hours

Internet address

The Danish Embassy


The Finnish Embassy


The Norwegian Embassy


The Swedish Embassy


Yours sincerely,


The visa sections of

The Royal Danish Embassy,

The Finnish Embassy,

The Royal Norwegian Embassy, and

The Embassy of Sweden.


Application for accreditation of tourist agencies


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